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Harald Klimach: Parallel Multi-Scale-Simulations with Octrees and Coupled Applications, STS (2016), Vol. 1

This issue presents the development of scalable simulation tools for fluid flows and especially methods to compute direct aeroacoustic simulations.

Aero-acoustic phenomena pose a multi-scale problem. To tackle this class of problems, a general coupling tool for structured and unstructured meshes is first parallelized to scale on thousands of processes. However, as there remains a principle bottleneck in the treatment of meshes with this approach, an entirely new framework on the basis of octrees is then developed. This restriction in the mesh representation allows for fully parallel simulations of arbitrary large setups.

Harald Klimach
Parallel Multi-Scale-Simulations with Octrees and Coupled Applications
Simulation Techniques in Siegen / STS, 2016, Vol. 1
Sabine Roller, Harald Klimach (Ed.)
Siegen: universi 2016, 201 pp.
ISBN 978-3-936533-82-8
Preis: 19,- Euro

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