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Navigationen 1 (2023): TECH | DEMO

"Tech | Demo" deals with the twofold connection between demonstration and technology.

On the one hand, the volume focusses on technology demonstrations as cultural and instrumental practices in the contexts of technology- and media-development. On the other hand, the contributions highlight the technologization of demonstrations regarding the reliance of (political) demonstrations on media technologies. Building on this nexus, demonstrations appear as mediahistorically and -theoretically significant sites that reveal and negogiate intersections of technology, individual, and society, politics, performance, and aesthetics, as well as human and technical scopes of 'agency'.

Navigationen - Zeitschrift für Medien und Kulturwissenschaften, Jg. 23 (2023), Heft 1
Julia Eckel / Christoph Ernst / Jens Schröter (Hrsg.)
Siegen: universi 2023, 134 S.
ISSN 1619-1641
Preis: 13,- Euro

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