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Natalia Mašľan: Comparison Between the Efficacies of TQM in Russia and Germany (Diss. 2023)

TQM, the management method focused on quality leading to business success, is regarded to be critical in maintaining the competitive advantages of organizations in today’s rapidly globalizing world. Having started its success story first in Japan and then in the USA, TQM is now a world-renowned management system.

However, it is not clear yet whether the efficacy of TQM depends on the national culture of the organization.
The current study investigates the efficacy of TQM in German and Russian organizations. The findings of the study imply that the implementation of TQM in Russian manufacturing organizations, regardless of their size and branches, would increase organizational effectiveness and financial and market results of these organizations with high probability. In comparison, German manufacturing organizations would get fewer benefits from the implementation of conventional TQM than Russian organizations.
Finally, the current dissertation is scientific theory-driven empirical research, providing a “blueprint” for how a cross-cultural comparison of the efficacy of TQM can be approached and answered scientifically, regardless of which countries it refers to.

Natalia Mašľan
Comparison Between the Efficacies of TQM in Russia and Germany
Under the Influence of Russian and German National Cultures
Siegen: universi 2023, 219 S., Abb.
ISNB 978-3-96182-156-3
Preis: 19,- Euro

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